About Next Great City

The Next Great City Coalition, founded in 2007, is made up of over 100 civic associations, labor unions, businesses, public health organizations, environmental nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and social service groups. Together, we are dedicated to creating a positive future for Philadelphia by advocating for common sense, cost-effective policies that enhance environmental quality, strengthen neighborhoods and increase our economic competitiveness. Since 2007, we have identified and implemented fifteen recommendations. To see how much we have achieved to date, see our accomplishments page.

The Coalition has identified six key initiatives for the four-year Mayoral term beginning in 2015. More than 100 Next Great City members participated in three robust, town hall style meetings to identify six recommendations that will are within the Mayor’s authority, can be accomplished within four years, will have a significant impact on the health of our neighborhoods and can be done at little cost or with identified funding. The tone in these meetings was hopeful. The excitement was palpable. Philadelphia has come a long way and has proven its ability to come together to take actions that get right to the heart of what will make this city great.