Next Great City 2015

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Philadelphia is on the verge of becoming the Next Great City.

For the third time since 2007 over 100 Philadelphia civic, environmental, labor, and business organizations have united around a high-impact, feasible set of six recommendations for the next Mayor. These recommendations will help to ensure every Philadelphia neighborhood is healthy, clean and safe and served by an effective city government.

To be truly great, our city needs a new Mayor who will lead Philadelphia forward with Next Great City 2015’s six key initiatives and get us to the finish line on some key initiatives already underway.

Implementing Six New Recommendations

These six recommendations, identified through months of discussions with hundreds of residents and community leaders, directly address key features of strong neighborhoods:

Completing Key Initiatives

Philadelphia is well on its way to completing the following four key initiatives and the next Mayor should take us to the finish line:

Phila2035: We must finish all 16 district plans to create a detailed vision for our future

Land Bank: We must fill the bank with land and bring the 9,000 publicly owned vacant properties back into productive reuse

GreenWorks: We must continue to track our progress toward becoming a sustainable city while saving money

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan: We must implement these plans and get people out of their cars and embracing healthier ways to travel